Regular House Cleaning

Domestic cleaning services to ensure your home is spic and span


Every home needs ongoing cleaning, which takes time and effort to ensure the job is being done correctly. We know people are often busy with their work and family responsibilities, so why not take a break and leave all the mundane chores to the cleaning professionals at No1 Bond Cleaning. Whether it is dusting, mopping, scrubbing or sanitising, our cleaners deliver amazing results in your home.

As a leading cleaning company, you can rely on us to leave your home gleaming at an affordable price. We can provide you with one-off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleanings. We also offer carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning and flea treatments.

If you opt for a regular cleaning service, we will assign a cleaner to your home to provide you with a consistent service. They will be equipped with a professional cleaning kit that includes all the products necessary for them to clean your home. You will not need to purchase anything for us.

Our cleaners are professionals who take pride in their work and believe that our success comes from your satisfaction. Each one of our operatives has been trained to a high level, vetted and screened.


What is Included in Our House Cleaning Service?

Once you contact us, we will discuss your cleaning needs and provide you with a quote based on your requirements. Our house cleaning service can include:

  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning (including sanitising all reachable surfaces).
  • Bedrooms.
  • Making beds.
  • Internal windows.
  • Toilets cleaned and sanitised.
  • Vacuum cleaning all floors.
  • Mopping.
  • Furniture cleaning.
  • Dusting and polishing throughout.
  • And much more.


You can also present us with a custom checklist. You tell us what you want to be cleaned.


9 Reasons Why You Need Professional Home Cleaning Services

Sure, anybody can clean their own home. However, the professionals ensure the right procedures and products are used for each household surface to give them their sparkle and help increase their longevity.

Among the key benefits of employing cleaning professionals are:


  • To save you time and energy. The last thing you want to do after long hours at work is to get out the mop and bucket and start cleaning your home.
  • To save you money. Regular cleaning ensures your home is in pristine condition, which helps to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • To give you a spotlessly clean, hygienic home.
  • To have a healthy home environment. Regular cleaning can help reduce the chances of you and your family developing allergies or becoming ill because of dust and bacteria.
  • To protect your home and furnishings with the use of the right cleaning products and tools for each surface.
  • To eliminate pet odours.
  • To clean places you didn’t think to clean and difficult to reach areas.
  • To handle the chores you usually avoid.
  • To enjoy professional cleaning results. Professionals do a better job. They bring extensive cleaning experience to their work.


Let No1 Bond Cleaning take the strain so you can make the most of your free time.