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Bringing your carpets and rugs back to life


Whether in the home or the workplace, carpets are on the front line. Dust, bacteria, allergens and pet, food and drink stains soon build-up, making them dirty, unhygienic and unattractive. A lot of people try to clean their own carpets but only end up making the problem worse and even damaging them in the process.

No matter the carpet or rug cleaning dilemma you’re experiencing, our professional carpet cleaning service will get rid of your dirty problems in no time at all. At No1 Bond Cleaning, we apply years of training and practical experience to every job.


Our Services

Our professional carpet cleaning services include:


  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also known as the hot water extraction method, a deep cleaning environmentally friendly process that leaves no chemical residues.

Warm water and detergents are sprayed onto carpets under high pressure and are then extracted, along with the dirt and whatever else has been stuck in your carpet’s fibres.

Before we start, our steam cleaning technician will pre-treat stains by applying a spray that helps the water to penetrate deeper into the carpet for a more thorough clean.


  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

To dry clean your carpet, we start with a pre-vacuum to suck up dry soil and debris, then we apply a special dry cleaning solution that breaks down oily residue in the carpet and picks up dirt, bacteria and allergens. It is a safe and effective approach that can eliminate some of the most stubborn stains, such as pet urine.


  • Upholstery Cleaning

With dust, pollen, germs and food and drink spills, your upholstered furniture attracts a lot of dirt on a daily basis. At No1 Bond Cleaning, we use a combination of dry and steam cleaning to clean and refresh your fabrics and extend the life of your furniture.

We also use Healthguard™ to remove germs and bacteria. Once our process is complete, your furniture will dry quickly, allowing it to be used as soon as possible.


  •  Rug Cleaning

Vacuuming and shaking rugs are not enough to free them of dirt and allergens. To remove stains and give rugs a deep clean, we use our hot water extraction carpet cleaning method. We can clean rugs in your home or take them away to our premises. Once finished, we’ll bring them straight back.


9 Reasons Why Carpets Should Be Cleaned Regularly

There are plenty of reasons why carpets should be cleaned regularly. Among the key ones are:

  • To ensure they look clean and fresh.
  • To prolong the life of carpets significantly.
  • To remove spots and stains. The longer they stay, the harder it becomes to remove them.
  • To make carpets easier to maintain.
  • To prevent the build-up of allergens and bacteria.
  • To remove stale and musty odours from your carpets.
  • To make living spaces and offices look attractive.
  • To improve air quality.
  • To improve morale in the workplace. Dirty carpets are not only distracting, but they can also affect the health and moods of workers.