Flea Treatments

We ensure flea-free zones for homes and businesses

Pesky fleas driving you mad? We feel your pain. Those tiny vampires can make life miserable, not just for you but for your entire household.

At No1 Bond Cleaning Brisbane, we want to help banish the bites and irritation once and for all.

Our treatment service targets all life stages of fleas. We use solutions that kill larvae, and eggs on contact. This stops the life cycle in its tracks. No more nasty bites or flea infestations down the track. Just sweet relief.

You shouldn’t have to live with flea problems a moment longer. We have over 10 years of experience tackling infestations of all sizes. Our treatments are thorough, fast-acting and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

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We also offer flea control maintenance plans to help prevent future outbreaks. This keeps your home flea-free for good.

How We Treat Fleas

We provide a discreet, comprehensive and effective process:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum all carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture to remove as many fleas, eggs, and larvae as possible. This allows the insecticide to penetrate deeper.
  2. Seal and remove all exposed food, dishes, and cooking utensils. This ensures no cross-contamination occurs.
  3. Remove all people and pets from the property for 2-3 hours during application and drying time. This allows us to thoroughly treat the entire home.
  4. Use a professional-grade insecticide approved for indoor use to kill adult fleas and prevent future outbreaks by halting the flea life cycle.
  5. Focus on carpets, rugs, pet bedding, beneath furniture, and cracks and crevices where fleas congregate. The insecticide will penetrate deep into these problem spots.
  6. Treat all upholstered furniture, mattresses, and fabric window coverings to ensure all flea life stages are eliminated.
  7. Apply a flea growth regulator to provide long term control by stopping future generations from developing.
  8. Return after treatment is complete to ensure floors are dry and home is ready for re-entry.
  9. Provide guidance on follow-up vacuuming and monitoring to prevent reinfestations. Maintaining flea control is key.

This full-home treatment kills current flea infestations and provides long term prevention. Within hours, your home will be flea-free once more!

Signs You May Need Flea Treated

Some signs that you have a flea problem and need pest control treatment include:

  • Your pets are constantly scratching or biting themselves
  • You find small red bite marks on your legs and ankles
  • You see fleas jumping off your pet’s fur
  • You notice dirt (small black specks) on your pet’s skin or bedding
  • Your pets have signs of skin irritation, infections, or hair loss from flea bites
  • You see flea eggs or larvae in your pet’s bedding or favorite resting spots

Our technicians will come treat your entire home, including cracks and crevices where fleas hide. With our helpline, we’re also available anytime to answer questions.

Five Reasons to Engage Professional Pest Control Technicians

  • DIY remedies are often ineffective, and many flea control products are not effective. Professionals have the right equipment and products to remove them effectively.
  • Exterminators are experienced and well-trained and understand where to treat and how to control infestations.
  • Professionals will use products that are deadly for fleas but safe for you, your family and your pets.
  • Professionals have access to products that are not usually available to the general public.
  • To cut down on costs. The bill for DIY products can soon build up because repeated treatments are required as the infestations keep coming back. However, left to the professionals, your insect problem will be gone, requiring no additional financial outlay.


What attracts fleas to bite and feed on blood?

They are attracted by warmth, carbon dioxide, movement, and the scent emitted through skin and sweat glands. They feed on blood to obtain iron and other nutrients to reproduce.

Will your team spray chemicals on my house interior?

Our flea control technicians only use pet-safe and human-safe products approved for indoor use. Treatment methods can vary depending on the unique conditions within each home.

What results can I expect from your flea control service?

Our treatment process addresses all life stages of fleas. Customers can expect to see a significant reduction in biting and itching within 24-48 hours as adult fleas die off.

How can I prepare my home before your arrival?

To allow for effective treatment, we ask customers to wash all linens, vacuum floors, and pick up any clutter prior to our flea control appointment. Pets should be out during initial interior application.

What steps should customers take after service?

Following treatment, customers should maintain tidiness, allow spray residues time to work, vacuum dead fleas, and contact us about any additional pest concerns.

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