Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand more about our professional cleaning services, here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear at No1 Bond Cleaning.

What does your end of lease cleaning service include?
Bedrooms, living areas, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry. We scrub floors, windows, walls, carpets, mirrors.

Do your bond cleaners bring their own products & equipment?
Yes, we supply industrial vacuums, microfiber cloths, brooms, mops and eco-friendly detergents.

How can I book an urgent bond clean before my lease ends?
Call 24/7 or book online for priority last minute bond cleaning. We dispatch cleaners day/night.

What bond cleaning checklist do you follow?
We work from an industry-standard checklist to satisfy agency inspections.

How do you clean stove tops, ovens and exhaust fans?
We descale and deep clean stovetops, ovens, grills, filters and fans.

Do you offer carpet steam cleaning or pest control?
Yes, add professional carpet cleaning or pest treatments.

Where do you service for bond cleaning in Brisbane?
Inner Brisbane, North Brisbane, South Brisbane, East Brisbane. Plus Ipswich.

Do bond cleaners move heavy furniture or clean walls/ceilings?
Our teams move appliances to clean behind, scrub walls and ceilings.

What cleaning solutions & equipment do you use?
Commercial steam cleaners, industrial vacuums, microfiber cloths, degreasers.

Can I change my end of lease cleaning booking?
Call us 24 hours before scheduled bond clean for flexibility.

Do you clean inside all kitchen cabinets and drawers?
Yes, thoroughly inside and out – doors, handles, benches, splashbacks.

Do you move beds, couches to clean floors?
We move lighter items and vacuum deep clean edges under heavy items.

What makes a quality bond cleaner?
Extensive training, local experience with latest gear for efficiency.

Can I supply my own cleaning products?
Yes, clients can provide extras like grout cleaner if preferred.

Do you clean window tracks and fly screens?
Yes, tracks vacuumed and screens brushed clean.

How can I pay for your services?
We accept credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, even cash. Very flexible.

Do your cleaners move furniture back once finished?
Yes we return all lighter items moved back neatly after cleaning.

Are there any areas your cleaners don’t service?
We don’t handle biohazards or hoarding for safety. But any regular mess we can handle!

How do you clean thoroughly for hidden dust and debris?
We move appliances, furnishings and scrub with microfiber and vacuums in tight spaces.

What assistance or preparation do you need from customers?
Clear surfaces and remove personal items to allow orderly access helps our efficiency.

How often do you clean window frames and sills?
Every bond clean includes comprehensive window frame, sill and screen cleaning.

Will your bond cleaners clean my garage, patios or outdoor areas?
On request we can pressure clean outdoor areas and interior garages, walls permitting.

Do you clean under/behind heavy appliances?
Yes we pull out fridges, washing machines etc to clean behind, replace after.

Do you guarantee full return of my rental bond?
While not legally possible, we provide 100% bond back guarantee if all our recommendations are followed.

For pets, do you use deodorizers or treatments?
On request we can apply pet odor neutralizers and treatments during end of lease cleans.

Can I get an obligation-free quote over the phone?
Absolutely! Call us anytime for a free no-obligation phone quote tailored to your property.

Do your cleaners dust ceiling fans and light fixtures too?
Yes, ceiling fans, light fixtures and coverings are all thoroughly dusted.

How do I secure a regular house cleaning plan?
Call us to custom design a regular maintenance cleaning plan for your home or office.

Do you clean skirting boards, heaters and AC vents?
Skirting, heaters, AC and ventilation vents are all part of our detailed bond cleaning process.

Discounts for referring friends and family?
We offer 15% off your next job for successful friend referrals.

Can I provide a list or drawings showing areas needing extra attention?
Definitely, we review client instructions in detail to tailor the clean.

Do you clean carpets or offer professional steam cleaning?
Standard bond cleaning includes vacuuming. Add professional steam cleaning for deeper treatment.

How soon can you schedule an end of lease clean after booking?
Usually 24-48 hours notice, but sometimes able to dispatch same or next day!

What additional services besides bond cleaning?
Carpet cleaning, builders cleans, window cleaning, regular house/office cleaning.

Is your company licensed and insured?
Fully licensed, insured and all cleaners are background checked for client peace of mind.

Can I pay additions like carpet steam cleaning separately?
Yes absolutely. All extras can be paid independently from standard bond cleaning.

Do you clean interior garage, shed walls and empty cupboards?
Yes on client request interior garage, shed walls and unused cupboards can be cleaned.

Do you clean light shades and downlights in ceilings?
Light fittings, shades and downlights are dusted and cleaned as part of the standard bond service.

How do you ensure safety working at heights?
Our cleaners are fully trained on safe use of ladders, protective gear and caution working at heights.

What separates your business from regular home cleaning?
Specialist bond cleaning training, equipment and guaranteed agency standard cleaning every time.

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for about our professional cleaning services, please contact us.